4 Amazing Stories About The Homeless Winning The Lottery


Homeless Hungarian wins nearly $3 million in the lottery.

A man in Hungary, László Andraschek, won with a lottery ticket worth nearly $3 million. The man was living as a homeless person in Hungary and had been living like that for a year. He bought the ticket with his last few coins following a spur of the moment decision while he was on his way to Budapest. He didn’t think he had any chance of winning though it turned out he was mistaken.

Homeless man is given ‘winning’ lottery ticket.

A homeless man named Eric was given a lottery ticket by a passer by named Rahat. Rahat said he didn’t have any money to give Eric so he gave him a lottery ticket. Eric ended up winning $1,000 off the ticket. However, the ticket was not a winning ticket. It was a prank set up by Rahat, who had given the cashier at the store where they cashed the ticket $1,000 in order to have the cashier give that money to Eric.

The homeless lottery winner has a new surprise.

Eric, the winner of a prank lottery ticket had a new surprise as a fund was set up in order to help him. The fund managed to raise $44,000 to give to Eric in order to get him off the streets. In addition to that Eric managed to get a job at a 7-11 which meant that he would not end up homeless again.

Homeless lottery winner has a new home.

Eric, a homeless man who won the lottery and benefited from $44,000 raised to help him get off the street, had another surprise. Rahat, the man who had given Eric the winning lottery ticket, met Eric in order to see how he was doing. After they talked for a while, Rahat said he wanted Eric to come to Rahat’s home for lunch. When they arrived at the home, Rahat told Eric that he was giving the home to Eric.

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