7 Lotto Winners Who Didn’t Quit Their Regular Jobs


It’s the ultimate fantasy. One that blue collar workers, office working cubicle dwellers, and anyone who doesn’t like their day jobs share. The idea that you would immediately quit your job the minute you won the lottery. You could just walk into your boss’s office, and give your notice as soon as those winning numbers were called. Many people who have won the lottery have done just that. Even those people that won a large sum on an office share pool quit as soon as they won their riches. Although there are some lotto winners in history who have won great sums of money and kept their jobs. Let’s take a look at some of these dedicated folks who didn’t tell their bosses to take a hike at the first payout. Here are the 7 lotto winners who didn’t quit their regular jobs after winning a sizable amount of money.
1. Reggie LeBlanc- This Massachusetts man kept going to his job at Costco after winning amount 11 million dollars in the lotto there. It’s not like he didn’t tell his coworkers that he had won either. Yet, he continues to work on the store to this day two years later.

2. Jacki Cisneros- She might have won 266 million dollars, but it didn’t stop her from going to her job. Jackie works as an overnight assignment editor in the newsroom of a Los Angeles television station. This was back in 2010. Her first goal other than to continue working was to buy a bigger house, give money to her church, and to the schools she and her husband attended. Today they also have a foundation that helps spanish american students have been education opportunities.

3. Anthony Perosi– This Staten Island plumber in New York won 136 million in the New York Lottery. He is 56-years-old, plans to keep working at his job, and wants to split his new found wealth 70-30 with his son. After taxes the lump sum payment is still around 55 million. Granted will have to see how he changes his mind after he gets the money, since he just won back in June of this year. (2015)

4. Thomas Moriarty– This man won 6 million in the lottery in Washington state back in 1992. He planned on making improvements to his lifestyle including a bigger house, better car, and vacations for his family. What he didn’t want to chance was his job as a manager of a local Arby’s franchise. It just goes to show you that there isn’t much more to happiness then a good roast beef sandwich with “horsey” sauce, and Arby’s specialty.

5. Joe Meath– In 2014 this man didn’t want to give up his job plowing snow even though he won an estimated 12 million dollars. Hopefully he’ll buy a better truck to plow snow with because the one he was currently using had over 300,000 miles on it. After buying a new home, and motor home he wasn’t quite sure what to do with the rest of the money. It’s good that he’ll have some time to think about it on all those cold winter night out plowing snow drifts for his neighborhood.

6. Andy Ciacco– 5 million dollars in riches didn’t stop this finance manager of an auto dealership in Virginia from coming to work. Maybe it’s all that financial smarts that he has that keeps him coming to his job. The funny part of the story is that Andy didn’t even take any extra time off from his job after he won. Not even a vacation day for this dedicated employee. He must really like his job.

7. Matt Evans- A British lotto winner who works as a postman says that after winning 2.6 million dollars he is going on a month long holiday, but will return to his job. He lives in Barry of Glamorgan, but is now obviously the most wealthy letter deliverer in the world. His wife says that he’s just dedicated to his lifestyle, and doesn’t want that to change even with all the money.

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