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7 Lotto Winners Who Didn’t Quit Their Regular Jobs

It’s the ultimate fantasy. One that blue collar workers, office working cubicle dwellers, and anyone who doesn’t like their day jobs share. The idea that you would immediately quit your job the minute you won the lottery. You could just walk into your boss’s office, and give your notice as soon as those winning numbers

4 Amazing Stories About The Homeless Winning The Lottery

Homeless Hungarian wins nearly $3 million in the lottery. A man in Hungary, László Andraschek, won with a lottery ticket worth nearly $3 million. The man was living as a homeless person in Hungary and had been living like that for a year. He bought the ticket with his last few coins following a spur

10 Stories Of How The Lottery Changed Their Lives

1.Robert sage. Robert Sage came straight from dirt-poor living in a trailer to filthy rich winning $14.5 million in the lottery. He bought a mansion, a hummer for the next two years and bailed out his mothers failing dry cleaning business. Although he won a huge sum, he sys being able to help his mother

10 People Who Have Won The Lottery Multiple Times

1.Joan Ginther She scratched away a lottery ticket and won  $10 million prize in 2010. What would be the moment of life for most people was business as usual for Joan Ginther; this was her fourth big win. These were preceded with three other wins $5.3 Million Texas Lotto win in 1993, $2 Million win

7 Winners Who’ve Hit the Jackpot!

1. $656 million Can you say money for days … weeks … years? The largest current lottery jackpot of $656 million was won March 30, 2012 through tickets bought in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas through the Mega Millions game. The winners were Merle and Patrica Butler, and a group of friends called The Three Amigos. 2.

10 ways of giving back to the society through Lottery

1.Collin and Chris Weir This British couple bagged home the highest jackpot in the country’s history, 161 million pounds. They made a name for themselves by basically funding any good deed they care to, most recently buying a prosthetic limb for a young teen that had lost a leg to cancer. They also helped a