Top 7 Lotto Winners Who Lost It All To Drug Addiction


Can you imagine going about your regular everyday life when one day you decide to pick up a Super Lotto ticket to win an astronomical amount of money? Life changing money. Quit work, buy a boat, and retire to the Bahamas kind of money. You might think that you’d be one of those people who could handle all the pressure of your new found wealth. Maybe you’d be right, but for these seven people who won the lottery they didn’t manage to reveal in their riches. They turned to other methods to cope, namely drugs. If the reason was just that they didn’t have the right kind of directions in their life after so much money flowed in, it’s hard to tell. Money does strange things to people. Here are the top 7 lotto winners who lost it all to drug addiction.

1. Callie Rodgers- This was the youngest lotto winning, at 16-years-old in Britain’s history. Now she is 28, broke, and spent most of her 1.9 million dollar winnings on cosmetic surgery, parties, and drugs. It was mostly on cocaine during glamourous parties, but Callie says now that she is much more grounded and will pursue a career in nursing since she has three young children to support. Her partner is a fireman who didn’t even know she was a lotto winner at the time that they met.

2. Willie Hurt- In 1989 this man won 3.1 million dollars in the lottery. Two years down the pike he was going through a divorce, on trial for murder, and had lost his entire fortune on the drug, crack cocaine. His addiction spiraled out of control quickly which is why you can never really tell how someone is going to react to winning that kind of money.

3. Charles Riddle-At 25-years-old back in 1975 he was one of the first lotto winners to encounter some problems. It was only a million dollars but he managed to lose it all when eight years later he was on trial for drug abuse, and distribution of illegal narcotics. He ended up serving time in prison, and readily admits that cocaine ruined his life.

4.Michael Carroll- Another young British winner of the lottery at age 19, back in 2002. He won roughly 15 million dollar in American funds, but lost it all quickly to a lifestyle he couldn’t handle. This included dropping loads of cash on prostitutes, and a huge drug habit. Now he works in a cookie factory with no leftover funds from his winning day.s

5.David Lee Edwards-After winning 27 million dollars in the lottery this fool ended up broke and addicted to drugs. He died of complications relating to intravenous drug use. Other items he spent his money on was a lear jet, fancy homes, and many extravagant vehicles. His wife says that he also gave her Hep C from using drugs.

6.John Whitaker-One of the largest winners on this list, he won 314 million dollars that he managed to squander in just over 4 years. His drug of choice was alcohol. He also encountered some legal problems when his granddaughter and her boyfriend both overdosed on drugs while at his 14 million dollar home. You can probably gather that some of his winnings went to purchasing drugs for them.

7.Chris Shaw- This last person is a cautionary tale because it’s unclear of how he is doing at this point. An admitted meth addict, Chris won 258 million dollars in the MIssourri lotto. It’s clear that he has some issues with drugs just based off his appearance. Missing teeth, disheveled hair, and dirty clothes were just the tip of the iceberg with this guy. It’s hard to tell how he is doing nowadays since he hasn’t been heard from since a 2011 Daily Show appearance with Jon Stewart. Hopefully he is living a quiet peaceful drug free life.

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